What HAT has achieved over the period of 5 years!

231 Tournament Championships, 20 L5 District Cup Championships, 4 Sectional Championships, 3 Sectional Sportsmanship Awards

1 National Championship, Most Tournament Championships:

Women: Meghna Chowdhury 17

Men: Ryan Neale 17

Players that have worked with the HAT staff have hailed from these countries and states:

China, Denmark, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Uganda, Peru


Missouri, Florida, Illinois, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado (of course)

Average GPA’s:

2013/2014: 3.89 ; 2014/2015: 3.93

Average Increase in Win Percentage: 22.29%

Highest Win/Loss Percentage In a Calendar Year (minimum 50 matches):

Eric Kwiatkowski: 67.74% (63-30) 2013; Samantha Moore-Thomson: 70.58% (36-15) 2014

Highest Career Win/Loss Percentage (minimum 100 matches):

Eric Kwiatkowski: 62.18% (171-104); Anshika Singh: 67.67% (90-43)

Students that have played at least 100 matches with HAT:

Carter Logan, Anshika Singh, Emily Untermeyer, Natalie Hagan, Maleeha Chowdhury, Caleb Aguirre, Vinay Merchant, Ryan Lahr, Andrew Seehausen, George Henry Hanzel

Students that have played 200+ matches with HAT:

Ryan Neale, Samantha Moore-Thomson, Meghna Chowdhury, Eric Kwiatkowski, Trace Collins, Ben Blea


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