6 Tips to Achieve Your Tennis and Fitness Goals in 2016

6 Tips to Achieve Your Tennis and Fitness Goals in 2016


1.) Set Goals

Goal setting is a very important aspect of not only a great tennis-training program, but also a successful life. Numerous studies throughout the years have proven that, setting goals, writing them down and getting feedback on the progress throughout, increase the success rate of improvement and attainment of goals compared to people that do not set goals.

Many of my former athletes would sit down with me and go through their goals for the next year. Many wanted to Qualify for the Olympic Trials, gain a college scholarship, become an All-American or win a State Title. Regardless of their goal, the athletes that wrote out a specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and time based goal, were much more likely to achieve their goals during the year versus their counterparts, that did not set goals.

2.) Plan

“Fail to plan, plan to fail.” Without a plan, to go from where you currently are to where you want to be, is near impossible.

Once a goal has been clearly articulated, work backwards and list out the steps necessary to achieve your goal. I do this on a daily basis when reviewing the HAT student’s goals and comparing to where they are that day. All of the students’ workouts are planned, with the end in mind and focused on long-term development.   If you would like me to develop a personalized plan for you (planned out to your specific needs, goals and abilities), email me at Michael@highaltitudetennis.com.


3.) Hire A Specialist

I have written about this recommendation before (click here to re-read my article), and I am still sticking with this recommendation. Many of my athletes had initially worked with generalists, when they were at the beginning of their athletic careers and then when they really wanted to make vast improvements and achieve their goals, they began working with me – to the tune of $750,000+ in athletic scholarships.

4.) Clean Up Your Nutrition

In all honesty, nutrition is probably 60% or more, of achieving your fitness related goals. It has been said that “you cannot out train a bad diet” and I whole-heartedly agree. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen one of the athletes I have been training, wake up one day and decide to fully commit to cleaning up their nutrition. Once they do, their body changes rapidly, confidence increases rapidly and results go through the roof. If you are looking to see a big difference in your fitness, in a relatively short time, commit to eating lean proteins, fruits and vegetables.

My friend (who happens to be the lead nutritionist for the Carolina Panthers) completely committed to her nutrition over the summer between her sophomore and junior year, during our time at the University of South Carolina.   In the two years that followed, she went from an above average competitor, to a school record holder, SEC Champion, 4-time All American and had an outside shot at making the Olympic Team – meaning she was top 25 in the world. She was a totally different athlete simply because of her nutrition.


5.) Be Disciplined (Stay Consistent)

If you are working with a specialist and everything is planned out with the end in mind, what could possibly hold you back from your goals? Lack of discipline is the enemy. Look at 90% of the people who have a New Year’s resolutions goal of losing weight. They have their plan and they know what they need to do with their nutrition, but after a couple weeks, they fall off the wagon due to a lack of discipline to commit and stay consistent when things get difficult.

I had a swimmer I trained for a few years that was the picture of consistency. She lived in Belleville, Illinois and we practiced 45 miles away in a county of St. Louis. She drove those 45 miles and made it on time for our 5 am practice. Every. Day. The only day she missed a morning practice was the day after her mother passed away from cancer. She was obviously very disciplined and through her consistency, she recently finished her swimming career at the University of Minnesota as a 3x Big Ten Team Champion.


6.) Focus On The Process

Overall, focus on the process and enjoy the small victories you accomplish on your journey to achieving your goals. It take many years to develop a great athlete, so make sure to not fall into the trap of looking for a quick fix. Always look for progress towards your goal, work your butt off and trust the specialists you work with.

There will be many ups and downs each day, but if you remain disciplined, consistent with your plan, work with a specialist and always keep your goals in front of you, 2016 can be a very successful year!

Source: High Altitude Tennis Academy, Parker, Colorado.