The Tennis Siblings

Meet David and Eileen Tran High Altitude Tennis Academy student Athletes. They were born in Colorado, both learning to play tennis at the age of six. Growing up in the family that loves tennis, they were easily drawn to the #sport immediately.
Their parents migrated from Vietnam to the #US as refugees after the #Vietnam War. Both David and Eileen work hard and look up to many tennis players as great inspirations. Eileen gets her tennis inspiration from #SimonaHalep. “Although her height is a disadvantage, she plays a very aggressive style of tennis and has an unbelievable speed” says Eileen. “I like #KeiNishikori because he is an aggressive baseliner, plus he has good form, technique, foot works and most importantly his sportsmanship” David stated.
Eileen’s biggest goal is to play college tennis and play #WTA tournament. David has a dream to become the top 500 players in the world. Out of tennis, they are also hard working students in school and earned numerous awards.
To support David & Eileen to achieve their goal of becoming the new tennis sensational siblings, click here

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