Meet HAT Summer Camp Coaches!

Trace Collins


Our awesome coaches are gearing up for summer camp, and we wanted to take the next few weeks to introduce you to them. First up, we have Trace Collins.
Trace has been playing tennis since he was three years-old!  He began playing USTA tournaments at ten years-old and joined HAT when he was in highschool.  Before joining HAT, Trace played at Inverness and Pinehurst Country Club. He spent two years playing on an NCAA D2 team at Florida Southern College before transferring to Colorado University – Boulder to play on their club team.

  • Trace loves tennis because it is both physically and mentally challenging and requires players to be creative and strong.  Ultimately, it is a great lifelong sport!
  • Coaching, for Trace, is a way for him to give back and be engaged in the community.  Trace explained, “HAT taught me so much and developed me into a persistent and hard working individual and has spread into all aspects of my life.  Being part of the community was great, and HAT taught me so much and helped me with my game, I knew I could help others and help the community.”
  • Trace’s favorite aspect of coaching is learning about each player’s learning style and being creative in the way he teaches lessons,  Trace remembers his own experience as a HAT player and learned that whether it involves playing games, learning detailed instructions, or experiences, tennis can be learned in many ways!
  • When he is not playing tennis, Trace is studying molecular biology and neuroscience.  He can also be found in nature on hikes and writing and producing music.

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