#FridayFix Learning Session, today learning Two handed Backhand Volley!


Ryan takes you through all of the steps essential to hitting a great two-handed backhand volley. He’s assisted by HAT’s own Emily Untermeyer. Get your Fix this Friday with High Altitude Tennis.

Vania King has a great Two Handed Backhand Volley! Many people look down on the two handed backhand volley. There is absolutely no shame in having a two handed backhand volley.

I have had pro players visit us at HAT who were not able to keep the racket head above the level of the net (because of strength in the shoulder) who we had to change to the two handed backhand volley. We teach them how to hit a proper one handed backhand volley at the same time so they can hit a volley on the stretch. Many young juniors switch too soon from a two handed backhand volley to a one handed backhand volley because they see older, better players using one hand. If the player cannot support the weight of the racket, it is crucial that they stay with a two handed backhand volley to ensure proper technique. This will promote proper mechanics when they are ready and strong enough to switch to a one handed backhand volley.

Head out to the courts, give the two handed backhand volley a try and let us know how it goes! Give it some time and repetition and you will be hitting the best volleys of your life!